Actions and Cycles

Animations that focus on practicing the principles of animation without a story or line of dialogue attached. Most of these are approached with a 'video game' mindset- walk cycles, run cycles, attacks and jumps and dodges and the like. At this point in time, all animations are personal works of mine, using free rigs found from various sources. Thanks to all those who create these rigs for aspiring animators to practice on! This gallery spans from old finished shots to newer pieces (newest will be at the top).

"Droid Attack"

-Rig used: Jeeves

"Droid Walk/Run"

-Rig used: Jeeves

"Eleven Runs"

-Rig used: ElevenRig

"Creature Attack"

-Rig used: Creature

"Bot Missile"

-Rig used: Mechv4, part of a rig set hosted here.

"Cyborg Death"

-Rig used: Cyborg, part of a rig set hosted here.

"Idle Break"

-Rig used: MechaGirl, part of a rig set hosted here.


-Rig used: Max for Maya

"Dog Cycles"

-Rig used: Great Dane

"Handstand Kick"

-Rig used: Roboter