Acting and Performance

If it involves capturing emotions, delivering dialogues or telling a story of some kind, then you'll find it here. At this point in time all of these shots are personal projects done on my own, making use of the best free rigs I can find, as I find them- and I send my thanks to all of those who make these rigs for aspiring animators to practice on! Lots of these will be hopeful entries for the 11 Second Club, which is one of the best places, I find, to practice this particular area of animation and measure yourself against other animators at the same time! The newest shots will be at the top.

"A Less Dire Duel"

-An 11 Second Club Entry for the month of June, 2012.It placed at 112 out of 233 entries!
-Rigs used: Morpheus, ElevenRig.

"Professionals Needed"

-An 11 Second Club entry for the month of April, 2012. It placed at 73 out of 186 entries!
-Rigs used: AndyRig, Morpheus

"Sidewalk Reflections"

-An 11 Second Club entry for the month of March, 2012. It placed at 136 out of 389 entries!
-Rigs used: Norman, Goon